Friday, August 12, 2011

The Wind is Back :-)

After the PWA left town there was a bit of a lull - not that I was too bothered as I was off the water waiting for a big hole in my toe to heal. This week the Kitey world tour is here (Medano is one big surfy party this summer :)) and the wind is back.

Unfortunately the summer grockle hordes are also here, with hundreds of boogieboarding kids and wannabe surfers in the water. This also coincided with some very high tides, leaving hardly any beach and mayhem wherever you looked :-(

So I was forced to escape upwind and sail at the harbour wall at high tide - not what I usually do as you get a nasty backwash from the wall and it messes up the waves. Or so I thought ... Turns out that it's well sailable at HT, and the waves are much bigger - woohoo OK so the water state on the inside makes you seasick, but the waves are much closer in size to the actual ocean swell - yesterday around about 2 to 3 metres :cool:. This has taken me nearly four years to discover, and I'm keeping it as my 'secret spot' (oh shite, that's blown it now :o).

Looks good for the rest of August windwise :) ...