Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chinyero Ride

Chinyero ride with (left to right) Richie, me, Cristine, and Anna (taking pics).

We had to wait while the clouds cleared from the summit of Teide, and while we were posing, a drone was buzzing around above us, flown by another couple of bikers taking airial shots.

This is probably the most scenic of our routes, with a mix of pine forest, black volcanic rocks (we start from the 'Arenas Negras' recreational zone), and even meadows of flowers and almond trees that are already in blossom. In places it looks a bit like a Scottish wilderness.

The biking is also a good mix of fast flowy single track, and technical rocky sections. The ride is about 1:45.  The first ten minutes are a brutal uphill, and final ten an exhilarating downhill.