Monday, November 21, 2016

This made my morning 😀

I was taking my dog for his usual early walk this morning, and happened to come across a van with some cool windsurfing graphics parked in the beach car park. Looking more closely I saw that it was Philip Koster's van and I wondered if he was asleep inside. In fact, I'd actually walked straight past him without recognising him. I wouldn't say that he looked 'boring', but he looked quite smart, and unassuming. Anyway I asked him what he was doing in Tenerife and he told me that he was seeing a top physio who has a clinic here. So we talked for a bit about his injury etc - he was very sad to miss the Aloha Classic (said he didn't even watch it), but even more gutted to miss some good days of wind at Vargas, his local beach. We had a good chat and after a bit I said what a privilege it was to talk to him, at which point he got a bit embarrassed, and shy.

Anyway, afterwards I thought what a top bloke he was, all the stuff that I would have liked to have asked him, and I was wondering if other world champions in other sports would be as approachable in that situation. I guess that I'd like to think that if I'd met say Andy Murray, or Lewis Hamilton walking their dogs they would have been similarly friendly, but footballers - who knows?

So, my point is that it was just a conversation between two windsurfers - about the wind etc - which would probably have been quite boring to other people, but it made my morning for me. 'Boring', like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.