Friday, September 21, 2007

Windsurfing Diary 1

Here's our first windsurfing post.

We've been here a month now and both of us have sailed plenty. We've had loads of wind, although the waves have mainly been fairly small.

I'm just about starting to get my legs working the other way for port tack jumps (I'm a Sarf Coast Shingle Licker in my previous life) and the onshore DTL riding is getting better as well - although this switch stance / clew first malarky demands a lot from my ageing body !

El Medano is a great place for both us really ... I tend to sail mainly at the harbour wall (El Muele) - a fairly gentle reef break, and meanwhile & simultaneously Nikki has been working on her gybes and jumps in the rolling swells of the south bay.

Both of these spots can get quite big on their day though ...

local (TF 66) jumping at The Wall

Tris Best (OTC boss) just 10m off the beach in the South Bay - a rare day with head to logo high waves breaking onto the Playa Sur

There is of course also the notoriously gnarly Cabezo beach.

I've now sailed Cabezo a couple of times - having cruised up there from the south bay, where our gear is stored - so not actually launched / landed at Cabezo yet.

First time I was on 5.2m and my recently aquired Tabou DaCurve 85 ... played it quite safe and had a fairly good time.

But the second time I had my first close encounter of the rocky kind ... light wind (i was on 5.7m and my FSW) and smallish waves lulled me into a false sense of security ... went for a few DTL rides and fell in the white water zone ... within about 20 seconds i was about a foot away from being mashed up on the sharp bits and just managed to waterstart and get the hell out of there - phewww ... needless to say I activated the down wind run back past the harbour wall to the placid waters of the Playa Sur.

I see what they mean now about the current, rocks, and relentless white water - still, I'm going to keep going up there - the waves are much better than the harbour wall - just have to hope I manage to survive these excursions.

I leave you with Nikki's beautiful shot, that seems to encapsulate the two sides of El Medano, our new home ...

fishing boat and locals in the south Bay - Nikki says that this sums up El Medano for her (fishing village + international watersport location)

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