Thursday, April 3, 2008

Basil finds a new Spanish Teacher ... !

Snr El Baz (Basil, aka 'Rambo", our small (but thinks he's much bigger) terrorist terrier) has found a new Spanish teacher. This was his old one:

and this is his latest one:

As you can see, the new teacher is much stricter, and dare I say even a bit scary with that impressively haughty looking beak. Anyway the problem with the gnome was that he was just a bit too laid back ... everything was a bit too 'manana' and I even suspected that he used to turn up for the lessons a bit worse for wear from the old cevezas and vino.

Having said that, you can see from the pic that Basil definitely bonded more with his old teacher, whereas the new one really has him under his beak (he doesn't have a thumb ...).

If you go back in time to my September 2007 post titled ""I Woof Therefore I am ..." (or just click here), you can read the full Basil story.

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