Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Recent Pics (Nikki, Me, & Our House)

Here's a few pics taken by our friend Heather (from Belfast) while she was on holiday here ...

a rare pic of the lesser spotted windsurfing Nikki - about to launch with 5.2m sail and RRD WaveCult77

and me about to follow her, on 5.7m and JP FSW102 ... we both had a nice session, the wind picked up a bit and I changed down to my wave board (Tabou DaCurve 85).

Heather took this one of Nikki, me, and Snr El Baz on the terrace of the Medano Hotel - I'm wearing her friend's hat to stop my bald head from scorching. I'm struck by how lovely and happy Nikki looks (nothing at all to do with the bottle of wine that's just out of shot, I'm sure ...)

And these shots of our house were taken by Nikki for the property photography pages of her website ( ...

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