Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 1

I watched the last few hours. Highlights for me were two perfect double loops by Koster (the only that I saw while I was there) and an amazing backside 360 airal he floated high over a breaking section. The best wave-riding for me was from Kauli, Danny Bruch, and Jaegger Stone.
Philip Koster

They only got a commentary going late in the afternoon and it was very hard knowing who was sailing let alone who won a heat - in fact following it from the website would have given you a much better idea of what was going on.

The buzz on the beach was great, but overall the action was a bit disappointing. The waves at Cabezo get smaller as the tide recedes (it was actually interesting to watch this happen, I've never spent two hours sitting there watching before) and so as the heats progressed the conditions got tamer - not what you really want. I was also quite surprised by how often they fall - even on ordinary stuff like tacks and cut-backs !

Perhaps it'll be better tomorrow, but a couple of hours was enough for me and made me realise how windsurfing is about doing rather than watching, even when it's watching the very best.

Naalisvaara Tuono

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