Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Problems on El Medano Beach ?

Here's a copy of an e-mail I recently sent to the various surf centres in El Medano ...

"Hola to the El Medano Windsurfers and Kitesurfers,

There are currently a couple of problems on the (Playa Sur) beach:

1 - the area that has been marked out for swimmers is in the wrong place - ie too close to the windsurfing launch, and is not well marked out with those buoys. Also there are no obvious signs on the beach, so no-one knows where they are / are not supposed to go. This is bad for the swimmers (they can get injured) and for the windsurfers (the swimmers get in the way).

2 - there is no area that has been set aside for launching / landing kites - this is dangerous for people walking on the beach and can lead to incidents such as happened the other day, when Nikki was just walking along the beach and a kite landed on her, the lines got tangled around her neck, and she was lucky not to get very badly hurt.

Perhaps these are not really problems, in which case obviously just ignore this and leave everything as it is.

Or perhaps things can be improved ?

In which case, is it not possible for the various centres etc to get together and put a case to the council, mayor, or whoever controls these things in Medano.

1 - just to move the swimmers area a bit closer to the town beach and mark it out properly with bouys going right the way into the beach (?) and with some signs on the beach.

2 - mark the area where kites are launched / landed with some signs that make it clear to kiters and also to people walking on the beach."

To be honest I was a bit embarrassed after hitting 'send' on that e-mail ... after only being here a few weeks I was worried (in an English kind of way) about it sounding pushy etc

But I got at least one supportive reply, and it's good to hear that there is concern about the beach. Sunday was a classic example really, with swimmers and "surfers" (mainly very young kids) etc trying to mix it with planing windsurfers ... an accident waiting to happen.

Apparently there's an idea to start an El Medano windsurf club, who might then be able to negotiate with the authorities to work out a sensible solution before either someone gets hurt, or they get heavy with us and impose some unworkable zoning system.

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