Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sailing Stats for October

I've started keeping stats for my windsurfing here (El Medano) - I'll post them on our blog at the end of each month, if anyone's interested.

As you can see below, we didn't get that brilliant an October, but quite a nice spread of conditions.

Days on 4.2 - 2
Days on 4.7 - 2
Days on 5.2 - 1
Days on 5.7 - 3
Days on 7.0 - 3

Total Days - 11

several days stand out in my memory though ... yesterday fully maxed on a 4.2 and very psyched up ! today and one of the other 4.7 days, beautiful smooth waves without nuclear wind.

still in a shortie, but a bit chilly at times today (I've also got the mother of all chest colds).

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