Monday, October 8, 2007

Windsurfing Diary 8/10/07

Windsurfing Diary - Monday 8th October 2007 - A Classic Medano Day (there again probably not) ...

8am - The wind has been howling all night, and it's still honking as I take the pooch for his pre brekkie walk.

There's already someone out at Cabezo, and he's absolutely flying ! I watch as he rides a logo high wave and cranks three or four tight turns, and then about five minutes later he's rinsed onto the rocks ... equipment and sailor seem unharmed though - the locals here must all have bullit proof gear and feet like leather.

Cabezo beach 8/10/07 (but not our pooch)

I walk back to the house as the sun starts to warm up, dust is flying everywhere and Basil is struggling not to get blown back down the road. I pour myself a glass of orange juice and sit down to write this.

This time the wind has gone straight from 7m conditions yesterday to full on 4m today so no time to get knackered in between ... which is lucky as it looks like being a classic El Medano day, and I'm going to need all the energy that I can lay my hands on !

(12 hours later ...) well the promise was there, but it didn't quite turn out a classic - for me anyway. Pretty good - yes ... I was on my waveboard and 4.2m all day, and there were waves around, so I guess that I shouldn't complain ... but ... maybe I'm getting a bit choosy, but it was mega gusty - even miles out to sea you could be totally maxed one minute and then struggle to plane for the next few ... and then later in the afternoon it just got too bloody windy really. It takes a fair amount of wind for me to feel overpowered on my 4.2m, but today I felt overpowered. Strong men were out on 3.7m's and some of the gusts were simply ridiculous.

And when it's that windy it's always hard to do much with the waves (well for the likes of me anyway). There were a few loops being thrown ...

and I certainly got a few high jumps (and some flat landings), but the wave riding wasn't that great with the waves being quite blown out and tons of white water thrashing around everywhere.

But at least Nikki got a few pictures of me sailing at last ...

I really like this one - taken from the harbour wall with the barren slopes of Montana Roca in the background (amazing depth of field - those rocks are maybe 3 kilometres away)

Oh and tomorrow is supposed to be even windier :(

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Andy Tedd said...

Welcome to Medano :)

Will you succumb and get a 3.3 or smaller?